Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Review: The Uglified Ducky

The Uglified Ducky: A Maynard Moose Tale
As told to Willy Claflin, Illustrated by James Stimson

This week in the library, several classes had a chance to listen to The Uglified Ducky, a lighthearted re-telling of the classic tale, The Ugly Duckling. Narrator Maynard Moose, in his distinctive moose dialect, recounts the story of a baby moose who accidentally "blunders" into a duckling nest and is adopted by Mommy Ducky, who proclaims him to be "the most uglified ducky I never see!" After several attempts to become a proper ducky, complete with a visit to the family doctor who diagnoses him with both quadrapedagogy and a "bad case of antlers," the uglified ducky happens upon some "magnifusent beasties," who have hooves and antlers like him. All turns out well, when our hero discovers that he is, in fact, a moose, not a ducky, and he bounds joyfully away with his new moose family. Playfully told in a hilariously distinctive voice, The Uglified Ducky, is a tale for anyone who has ever felt like a misfit.

Call Number: F CLA
Reading Level: 3.6
AR Points: 0.5
Reviews: School Library Journal
Awards: 2010 Texas Bluebonnet Nominee
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