Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Next week, SES will be celebrating National Children's Book Week. On Friday, May 6th, we'll finish up the week with a school-wide read-in! Family members are invited to join us! Click on the image below for more information!

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's TAKS time!

Students at Smithville Elementary will be taking their TAKS tests this week, and our attitude is...Bring it On!

Good luck to everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update from TLA...

Mrs. G. was lucky enough to spend last week in Austin at a Librarian's conference. That means she spent a whole week meeting with other librarians to learn about how to make the SES library even better! One of the other great things about the Texas Library Association (TLA) Conference is that librarians get the chance to meet lots of great children's authors! Below are pics of Mrs. G. with some of the amazing authors who autographed copies of their books for OUR library! Click on the pictures to view each author's website!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Help SES win a Skype visit!

Help Smithville Elementary Library win a Skype visit from a children's author!

Skype is an online video conferencing tool that can allow our students to talk directly to someone in another town, state, or even country! It's like a virtual author visit to our school!

From the Mixed-Up Files...Of Middle Grade Authors is currently holding a contest to win a free Skype visit from one of the authors listed on their site.

How can you help? Each time a comment mentioning our school is posted to the Mixed-Up Files blog, as well as each time the contest is tweeted or posted to Facebook, our school is entered in the drawing to win. So, to help us out, please...

  • Go to the Mixed-Up Files blog post, scroll to the bottom of the page, and add a comment with your name and email address, stating that you want Smithville Elementary Library to win a free Skype visit.

  • Re-tweet this tweet mentioning the contest.

  • Re-post this Facebook post mentioning the contest.

The kids would love the chance to meet some of these great authors, so help us make that happen!

MORE holiday poems!

Here are some more great poems about different holidays. This time, from Mrs. S. Vinklarek's class!

Easter by Sophie
Easter eggs outside the window
Your mom cooking scrambled eggs in the kitchen
Birds chirping and chicks pecking
You can taste brownies after Easter egg hunting
You can touch purple, green, and yellow eggs

Aggie Football Game by Carlee
Tackled on the field
Fresh popcorn
Fans saying whoop
Pepsi in a cup
The bleachers that are cold
Aggie Football Game

Christmas by Kirt
Presents under the tree
Cookies in the oven
Music from the radio
Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven
Wrapping paper on the presents

Birthday by Colt
Balloons floating in the air
The fresh smell of cake on the table
The sound of friends and family singing Happy Birthday
The taste of delicious cheese pizza
The texture of soft wrapping paper on the presents

Christmas by Alexis
Snow falling from your window
Chocolate cookies cooking in the oven
People singing on the sidewalks
Gingerbread men going into mouths
Wrapping paper coming off presents

Jamboree by Logan
Rides that spin
Hot dogs that are cooking
Screaming people on the rides
Hamburgers with pickles
Metal that's painted

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More great holiday poetry

Here are some great holiday poems from Mrs. Hannusch's class!

Earth Day by Dakota
Lots of crisp green trees
Fresh green pine trees
Trees rustling in the wind
Fresh mint from a garden
The moist dark brown dirt in the ground
Earth Day

Halloween by Kyler
Lions and tigers and bears-oh my!
Air that smells like candy
Good-tasting candy
Weird-shaped candy

Thanksgiving by Adriel
The smell of turkey baking
The Thanksgiving stuffing
Voices talking
Thanksgiving dinner
Your couch

Jamboree by Caroline
Carnival rides swirling in the night
All the pets at the pet show
People screaming on the rides
Cotton candy that sticks to your hands
The bars on the rides

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holiday Poems from 3rd Grade

Mrs. Erwin's class wrote holiday poetry in the library today! Here are some great examples:

Easter by Jannie
Colorful, plastic Easter eggs
Lots of chocolate
Birds singing beautiful songs of spring
Lots of sweets and candy
New toys

Christmas Day by Lindsey
A bright green tree with colorful presents under the tree
A big turkey on the table
I hear presents opening
I taste a big turkey on the table
I touch some colorful presents
Christmas Day

Valentine's Day by Liana
Valentine cards on my desk
Sugar cookies on the tray
Screaming of my classmates
Cupcakes from the oven
Valentine cards I got that day
Valentine's Day

Fourth of July by Jaxon Fireworks
Hot dogs and hamburgers
Crackling of fireworks
Bar-b-que grilling outside
Fourth of July

Christmas by Adiana
Presents under the tree
Cookies baking in the oven
My excited siblings
Fresh-cooked ham
Presents when you're opening them

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This week in the library...

April is National Poetry Month, so we'll be reading LOTS of poetry in the library this month!

Looking for some great poetry to read? Check out one of these awesome sites!

This week, 3rd Grade will be writing their own book spine poems using some of the favorite books in our library. Check back next week to read some of their poems!

Want to write more fun poems? Check out this site!

4th Grade will be reading
Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman. Click here to read more about the book, or watch this great trailer:

5th Grade will be continuing to read
Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis, and will also be reading some Langston Hughes poetry.

Mrs. G.'s 2011 Reading Goals: March Update

Here's my monthly update on my reading goals for the year! To read about the goals I set back in January, click here.

I'm looking forward to all the great books April has to bring! What will you be reading this month?