Friday, April 8, 2011

MORE holiday poems!

Here are some more great poems about different holidays. This time, from Mrs. S. Vinklarek's class!

Easter by Sophie
Easter eggs outside the window
Your mom cooking scrambled eggs in the kitchen
Birds chirping and chicks pecking
You can taste brownies after Easter egg hunting
You can touch purple, green, and yellow eggs

Aggie Football Game by Carlee
Tackled on the field
Fresh popcorn
Fans saying whoop
Pepsi in a cup
The bleachers that are cold
Aggie Football Game

Christmas by Kirt
Presents under the tree
Cookies in the oven
Music from the radio
Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven
Wrapping paper on the presents

Birthday by Colt
Balloons floating in the air
The fresh smell of cake on the table
The sound of friends and family singing Happy Birthday
The taste of delicious cheese pizza
The texture of soft wrapping paper on the presents

Christmas by Alexis
Snow falling from your window
Chocolate cookies cooking in the oven
People singing on the sidewalks
Gingerbread men going into mouths
Wrapping paper coming off presents

Jamboree by Logan
Rides that spin
Hot dogs that are cooking
Screaming people on the rides
Hamburgers with pickles
Metal that's painted

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