Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Holiday Poems from 3rd Grade

Mrs. Erwin's class wrote holiday poetry in the library today! Here are some great examples:

Easter by Jannie
Colorful, plastic Easter eggs
Lots of chocolate
Birds singing beautiful songs of spring
Lots of sweets and candy
New toys

Christmas Day by Lindsey
A bright green tree with colorful presents under the tree
A big turkey on the table
I hear presents opening
I taste a big turkey on the table
I touch some colorful presents
Christmas Day

Valentine's Day by Liana
Valentine cards on my desk
Sugar cookies on the tray
Screaming of my classmates
Cupcakes from the oven
Valentine cards I got that day
Valentine's Day

Fourth of July by Jaxon Fireworks
Hot dogs and hamburgers
Crackling of fireworks
Bar-b-que grilling outside
Fourth of July

Christmas by Adiana
Presents under the tree
Cookies baking in the oven
My excited siblings
Fresh-cooked ham
Presents when you're opening them

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