Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday: The Duchess of Whimsy

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Why do things the ordinary way when it's so much more fun to be different?

The Duchess of Whimsy prides herself on being an individual. Fond of throwing elaborate soirees to which she invites the most eccentric of guests, the Duchess, under strict orders from her father, also reluctantly includes the Earl of Norm in her list of courtiers. Because he deeply admires the Duchess, the Earl makes several attempts to impress her in the most elaborate of ways, but, alas, the Duchess can't help but find the Earl excruciatingly ordinary.

When one of the Duchess's grand get-togethers risks ruination because of a missing cook, her friends gallantly try to prepare a meal worthy of her extravagant standards. While the rest of the court chases after pigs or embarks on other culinary escapades, the Earl does what he does best--the ordinary. Although the Duchess initially turns up her nose at the Earl's dull grilled cheese sandwich and milk, after a reluctant tasting, she discovers that what she thought was ordinary is actually quite spectacular!

Peter de Seve's fantastical and intricate illustrations capture the effortless individuality of Randall de Seve's characters. A book about liking others for their differences, The Duchess of Whimsy is a fun and, well, whimsical look at what makes each of us extraordinary. If you're the type to break away from the crowd, this book is for you! If you're the type to blend in to the background, well, this book is for you, too!

More about the Duchess...

This book's illustrator, Peter de Seve, has lots of experience dreaming up whimsical characters! He created characters for movies like Finding Nemo and Ice Age!

Listen to the book being read in this video:

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  1. Thanks for posting to Book Talk Tuesday this week! This is a new title for me! I love "The Duke of Norm"... what a boring guy!