Monday, August 29, 2011

Happenstance Found

Happenstance Found
by P.W. Catanese

Happenstance awakes in a cavern beneath an active volcano, remembering nothing about himself or his life. When he is rescued by the extraordinary Lord Umber, the irascible Oates, and the mysterious Sophie, he begins a fast-paced adventure full of peril and discovery. As he tries to evade the watchful eyes of the assassin on his trail, will Happenstance discover his true identity--or the real reason that Umber has chosen him? Find out in this first installment in the Books of Umber series.
[Summary from The Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List]

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  1. the book hapistance found is realy awsome it is about this boy named Hapistance. He ends up in a dark tunnel with a guy who always speaks his mind ,a girl/hunter/realy good drawer( did i mention she has one mechanicle arm),and a girl with a ship and a pet dolphin(more like an an aqaintense,but ya a pet) .They sail through an ocean from the cave Happistance whound up in (leaving a monster that looks or reminds you of a centipede with thousands of little legs). after a time of sailing they see a ship following them.Read on to find out more!