Saturday, February 4, 2012

Portals to Our Imagination and Beyond

Feature Author: Chris Van Allsburg

Books transport us to distant shores and life familiar. Passages paint pictures in our minds and etch experiences into our souls. So much is revealed by lines on pages, letters strategically placed forming words, phrases, thoughts, concepts. But what happens when those concepts are visualized and illustrated by the author of the story? Such is the case with Chris Van Allsburg.

Chris Van Allsburg uses words combined with detailed drawings to tell fantastical stories. He captures his characters’ thoughts, motives, emotions, passions, and dreams in their expressions, postures, and interactions artfully sketched over long hours in his studio. And now, Van Allsburg tackles history in his recently released tale Queen of the Falls. Here Van Allsburg talks about this endeavor.

Van Allsburg’s talent for storytelling is rivaled only by his artistic acuity. Find out more about this phenomenal author and illustrator this week in the library as we delve into the mysterious creative works of Chris Van Allsburg.

Chris Van Allsburg titles at Smithville Elementary Library:

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