Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Talk Tuesday: Valentine's Edition

Looking for some great Valentine's books?  Check one of these out from our library:

Arthur's wrong guess about the identity of the secret admirer sending him valentine messages leads to teasing by the other children, but clues in additional messages allow him to get his due.
 An ardent suitor tries various means of communication, from smoke signals to Morse code to skywriting, in order to get his message to his Valentine.
When Valentine's Day rolls around, Willie wonders if the valentine she received from Travis is the only valentine the third-grade Romeo sent out.
When she receives a valentine from a secret admirer, Louanne Pig tries to find out who sent it.
Valentine's Day is Babymouse's favorite holiday, but this year there's going to be a dance and Babymouse is desperate to find a date for it.

When Junie B. Jones receives a "valentime," she tries to find out who in her kindergarten class is her secret admirer.
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Greg desperately searches for a date for the school date. Although he manages to find someone to go with, his best friend is left on the sidelines, setting the stage for a humorous and unexpected turn of events.
While Nancy and her best friends, Bess and George, are making stuffed animals, someone slips a mean valentine into Bess' animal's pocket; Nancy must investigate the problem and repair the friendships.

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