Monday, December 9, 2013

This Week in the Library...

This week we're participating in some holiday-themed centers.  Here are some of our fabulous students taking part in the activities!

Milo and Alejandro listening to Maynard Moose Tales on the iPad at the listening center.

Endia and Page making light bulbs for our "Books Light Up Our Lives" bulletin board.  After they trace a light bulb onto colored paper and cut it out, students write the title and author of a favorite book.  Each bulb is then placed on the bulletin board!

Aizik coloring a tree ornament.  Students chose a favorite quote from a holiday story or song and wrote it on their ornaments before cutting them out and decorating them.

Alexa, Rileigh, and Craig coloring Gingerbread Glyphs to represent their reading preferences.  (For example, color the gingerbread man's hat red if you prefer fiction books, green if you prefer nonfiction.)

Alizay, Kelly, and Kodi writing some of their favorite holiday traditions on our chalk wall.

Mason, Moksh, Colton, and Blain discuss an interesting book.

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