Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Talk Tuesday: Young Fredle

Fredle is a kitchen mouse. He sleeps snugly in a warm and comfortable nest behind the kitchen walls, surrounded by brothers and sisters. At night, he ventures into the kitchen to forage for scraps of food. He avoids the house cat, and he always follows the rules. That is, until he and his cousin, Axle, discover a new food. After the two mice gorge themselves on the sweet treat they find, Fredle becomes ill. The other mice have no choice but to push Fredle out into "went," from which no mouse has ever returned.

Fredle expects "went" to be his end, but instead he manages to find his way outside of the house and in a new world he never imagined existed. How will a fat, happy kitchen mouse, who has to look no further than the kitchen pantry for his dinner, survive outside, where he'll encounter so many new things, like rain, stars, grass, snakes, and raccoons?

Fredle is a book about new adventures, unexpected friends, the beauty of everything that surrounds us, and finding a way home, even after life-changing experiences. Adventurous, humorous, and touching, Fredle is a tale for those who are curious and brave, and for those who have ever wondered what else is out there!

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