Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A gift from Rose Kent!

A few weeks ago, Mrs. S. Vinklarek's class had the opportunity to Skype with author Rose Kent. Mrs. S.V.'s class had read Ms. Kent's novel, Kimchi & Calamari, and loved having the chance to talk with the author about her characters and story. After a 30 minute chat, we waved good-bye and went back to our usual routine. Little did we know that Ms. Kent had a surprise in store for us...

Last week, Mrs. Gutierrez received a bulging envelope in the mail. Curious about what was inside, Mrs. G. checked out the return address on the envelope and was surprised to find that it had traveled all the way to Smithville from New York! Mrs. G. ripped open the package, and inside, she found an autographed copy of Ms. Kent's newest book, Rocky Road! Wow! What a wonderful gift for our library!

Here are Joey and Cameron, from Mrs. S.V.'s class, posing with Mrs. G. and our autographed book:

And here's the autograph itself:

Thank you so much to Ms. Kent for sending this wonderful gift to our library! I know a LOT of kiddos who will be eager to get their hands on it when school starts back up in August!

You can find out more about Rose Kent and her books at her website!

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